Hotels in Amsterdam

Below you can find Amsterdam hotels sorted to different categories. Read more and pick your kind.

Note that Amsterdam is a busy place. Especially during the high season. We therefore recommend that you book your hotel in Amsterdam in advance.

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Hotels in Amsterdam center

The most popular hotels for sight-seeing are around Dam square, the entertainment seekers might prefer Red Light District, or vivid squares of Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. Families with children and museum seekers may prefer hotels around Vondelpark.

Luxury hotels of Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a number of landmark hotels, which stand out above the hundreds of other hotels in town. Among the there are the old and dignified historic Amsterdam hotels as Hotel Krasnapolsky and Amstel Hotel, and the modern, international hotels as Amsterdam Hilton hotel and Okura Amsterdam Hotel, along with several other excellent, five-star hotels

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